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Through our teaching and support, we strive to enhance your academic results in English, Maths, and Science. Our approach focuses on inspiring self-confidence, nurturing creative thinking, and honing your problem-solving abilities.

Fostering Academic Success

Valuing each student’s uniqueness, we collaborate with parents & students on the 6 key aspects to foster academic success. We provide feedback on student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns, habits, progress, and improvement areas. We encourage students to embrace the learning process, consistent effort, and dedication to achievement beyond intelligence.

Goals & Purpose

Set goals to map your education journey

Health & Wellbeing

Balance your studies with your physical & mental health

Your Environment

Build your workspace that encourage to work & study

Learn & Application

Learn how to apply what you’ve learnt in examination & assessments

Habits & Routine

Discipline yourself to become consistence & organise with your studies

Confidence Building

 Empowers you to take on challenges, embrace growth & overcome setbacks.

Our Approach

We centralise our teaching around the Australian Curriculum and the HSC Syllabus. However, our classes are more than just handing out notes and formulae – we prioritise creative thinking and problem-solving. We promote understanding the ‘why’ rather than memorising and rote learning processes. In the build-up towards the HSC, students need to understand the entirety of their module and the purpose of this content – the ‘why’. Knowing this enables students to solve unseen questions they will encounter in sitting for exams or assessment tasks – and make questions they may feel is unfamiliar familiar.

(Skills + Application + Problem Solving) + Discipline = Scoring 90+

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Our students are saying

Trista Huynh

From year 7 to year 12, Mr Seth was not only my tutor in Maths, English and Chemistry but my mentor in life- where I had been taught long- life lessons. He understood me at my lowest times, such as during the most difficult period the HSC taught me after and before hours on weak and difficult areas of topics (a lot since I found loads of things hard and was a slow interpreter) but also in the highest time like the enjoyable class times in which stories were told to enhance our memory and knowledge on complex concepts making it simple and easy to understand. This meant that the quality of learning was significantly high upon his passion and enthusiasm for my education,” The content taught had lots of depth- questions and information given were beyond school level even too difficult at times; however, this meant that once the content was heard a second time at school, we would have greater insight. The support provided was abundant. When I needed help, I would message Seth, and he would get back to me almost instantly.

Alicia Kev

Through my years at Inspiration Point, Mr Pal has provided me with an immense amount of quality teaching and support. He consistently went above and beyond what was taught at school and applied unique teaching styles that best suited me. This allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the content taught and further consolidated my knowledge

Kay Hiramanek

My son Carl is a bright young man who was studying at a selective school but had dropped the ball with his studies as teenagers sometimes do and was really struggling to cope as he faced his HSC exams.

On a friend’s recommendation, we met with Seth Pal, and I was blown away by the understanding and empathy Seth showed us.

Even though he had a very short time frame to work in, Seth took on the impossible task and coached and counselled Carl with dedication and determination, which was truly impressive. I owe him a debt of gratitude for that alone and the constant support he provided to me as a concerned parent. Carl’s grades improved significantly, and he went from very average scores to achieving a score that put him in Band 6 in Mathematics

Sarina Chiem

Miss, thanks for all the help you have given me this past year and in regard to the way that you taught, I found it very helpful how you gave us sample responses for us to understand the standard and all that was really good. From all the help that you have given me, I think it pretty much paid off cause like I got a band 6 in English, surprisingly 😂😂 my results were also pretty good so thanks for all the help!!

Dr Jeffrey Zerbst, Manager: Academic Learning & Support SCU

Seth Pal is a Maths teacher of extraordinary ability who consistently achieved outstanding results with his students at Pal College. As a former colleague, I can testify that Seth is a Maths and teaching genius who can take students to very great heights in a short amount of time. Teachers like Seth come along once in a lifetime. Nobody does it better.

Gabriel Diep

“IM NOT GOING TO LIE I got Cs and Bs before and English being my second language I’m surprised I’m one of the top students for BOTH English and Biology, so I want to thank you because I know how much hard work u put in for all of your students. And thank you for being both a good teacher and older sister to everyone!!☺️☺️”

Bonita Kev

Mr Pal has always taught in a unique teaching style, ensuring I was able to excel in my studies. Through his quality teaching, I was able to gain a deep understanding of the content taught while also ensuring I understood it thoroughly, allowing me to feel confident in my studies.

Amy Guan

“My favourite part about Seth’s teaching is how confident he makes you feel in maths. He is the sole reason I switched from doing 2U to 4U in the HSC, and it really boosted my ATAR. No matter how busy he is, he will always take the time to help his students and will offer different solutions to the same problem to make it easier to understand.”

Sandy Ta

“Seth Pal has made a lasting impact on the way I study and learn new content. His focus on understanding the maths rather than rote learning, as well as teaching alternative methods, allowed me to get ahead of other students, therefore allowing me to get a 96 in Extension 1 Mathematics and 92 in Extension 2 Mathematics. Seth Pal goes above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve the results they are capable of”

Nhi Tran

Seth has taught me like no other. Tuition with him is more than just learning: it’s a whole experience. He has implemented more effective teaching methods than provided in school, allowing me to quickly absorb information. Not only does he provide meticulous individual support to ensure every student understands, but also boosted my confidence in maths which motivated me to achieve higher. Seth finds potential in every pupil and provides them with opportunities like nobody else can.

How it works

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