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Inspiration Point

More Than Just Tuition

Inspiration Point is the map that will help guide your child to their maximum potential. 

We’ll sharpen your child’s skills, improve their discipline, and also provide them with all the tools, resources and support that they’ll need to rise to the top of their class and become young experts.

Our Story

Over the last 25 years, we have helped more than 10,000 students achieve exceptional results in the fields of Mathematics and Science. Consistently and overwhelmingly, we’ve observed the evidence showing that experts are always made not born.

The fastest and most efficient way to become an expert in maths and science is to learn with us. We are the experts at helping your child become an expert.

A Quick Overview Of Our Services

Which Subjects Do We Offer?

We offer tuition in the following subjects:

  • Maths (including: Standard Maths, Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2 and Advanced Maths)
  • Science (including: Chemistry, Physics and Biology)
  • English

Classes are available for students in grades 3-12.

We teach according to the NSW Syllabus.

Where Do Lessons Take Place?

Onsite (in-person) classes take place at our tutoring centre in Cabramatta, NSW.

However, we also offer online classes. All online classes are live and are extremely interactive & engaging.

All lessons (both onsite and online) are 1.5 hours long.


Our tutoring starts at $36 per lesson (each lesson is 1.5 hours long).

This works out be be $360 per term (10 lessons in each school term).

Discounts are available if you’re booking lessons for multiple subjects at once (e.g. Maths and English).

Not only will you receive tuition during these lessons, but you’ll also get access to free resources, assessment preparation and support when you need it.

Inspiration Point - Privacy Policy

Inspiration Point Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information.

What is Personal Information and why do we collect it?

Personal Information is information or an opinion that identifies an individual. Examples of Personal Information we collect include:

  • name;
  • name of legal guardian (if any);
  • images;
  • contact details including email address, address and telephone number;
  • name of the school;
  • grade;
  • academic and vocational transcripts and qualifications;
  • resumes;
  • date of birth;
  • demographic information such as postcode;
  • preferences and opinions; and
  • any other information requested on this site or otherwise requested by us or provided by you.

This Personal Information is obtained in many ways including forms, interviews, correspondence, telephone, email, via our website www.inspirationpoint.com.au, cookies and from third parties. We don’t guarantee website links or the policy of authorised third parties.

We collect your Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing our services to you, providing information to our clients and marketing. We may also use your Personal Information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where you would reasonably expect such use or disclosure. You may unsubscribe from our mailing/marketing lists at any time by contacting us in writing.

When we collect Personal Information we will, where appropriate and where possible, explain to you why we are collecting the information and how we plan to use it.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is defined in the Privacy Act to include information or opinion about such things as an individual's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union or other professional body, criminal record or health information.

Sensitive information will be used by us only:

  • For the primary purpose for which it was obtained
  • For a secondary purpose that is directly related to the primary purpose
  • With your consent; or where required or authorised by law.

Third Parties

Where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect your Personal Information only from you. However, in some circumstances, we may be provided with information by third parties. In such a case we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are made aware of the information provided to us by the third party.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Your Personal Information may be disclosed in a number of circumstances including the following:

  • third parties, including agents or contractors, who assist us in providing information, products, services or direct marketing to you. These may include parties located, or that store data, outside of Australia; and
  • third parties to collect and process data including Google Analytics or other relevant business. These also may include parties located, or that store data, outside of Australia; and
  • credit reporting agencies and courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities where customers fail to pay for goods or services provided by us to them; and
  • Other third parties where you consent to the use or disclosure; and
  • Where required or authorised by law.

Security of Personal Information

Your Personal Information is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

When your Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your Personal Information. 

Access to your Personal Information

You may access the Personal Information we hold about you and to update and/or correct it, subject to certain exceptions. If you wish to access your Personal Information, please contact us in writing.

Inspiration Point will not charge any fee for your access request, but may charge an administrative fee for providing a copy of your Personal Information.

In order to protect your Personal Information we may require identification from you before releasing the requested information.

Maintaining the Quality of your Personal Information

It is important to us that your Personal Information is up to date. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that your Personal Information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If you find that the information we have is not up to date or is inaccurate, please advise us as soon as practicable so we can update our records and ensure we can continue to provide quality services to you.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Privacy Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Privacy Policy please contact us at:

Level 1, 8/46 Park Rd

Cabramatta NSW 2166


+61 2 8102 4485

Connecting The Dots

Expert teachers - simplifying your learning

All our expert tutors were specifically selected because they have a much deeper than average understanding of the subjects they teach. Not only are they experts in their fields, but also experts at teaching!

They don’t just regurgitate content. They have a proven track record at helping individual students increase their grades and perform at the highest level. (They don’t just talk; they have walked the walk.)

Whether you want help in one subject or five subjects, you can rest assured that you’ll have expert teachers and the best support in the business.

"We're not just your team; you are our extended family."

We’re a team. No one succeeds alone. If you fail, the team fails, and if you succeed, the team succeed.

When you make that initial decision to join us, you have decided to join a team; and by accepting you, we have decided to open our arms to a new family member.

"Work smarter, not harder"

Ever heard of the ‘Tale Of The Woodcutters’?

No, well it goes something like this…

Woodcutter A cuts wood all day, whilst woodcutter B keeps stopping and sitting down throughout the day.

At the end of the day, woodcutter B has three times more wood than woodcutter A. Woodcutter A asks, “How could this happen? You were resting all day!” Woodcutter B says, “I wasn’t resting. I was sharpening my saw.”

The moral of the story is that you need to take the time to sharpen your skills, your tools, and your resources; which will ultimately help you achieve greater results than just ‘working hard’.

That is what we focus on here at Inspiration Point. We sharpen your skills, your tools and your resources, so you can achieve better results without necessarily working harder.

Live online & interactive classroom experience

If you’re considering online lessons rather than in-person lessons, then the following is for you…

We use UttrLive to deliver the experience and the content. You may believe that learning online is more difficult than learning in person. And ordinarily, you’d be right…

However, with our unique approach to online learning, we can safely say that this notion is a thing of the past. When we combine our teaching expertise with cutting edge online software, your child is going to be doing two things: laughing and learning.

We believe that our online lessons are as good (…if not better) than our regular onsite lessons.

Free Resources

7 Simple Steps

Year 11 & 12 Polynomials

Cindy Nguyen

"Maths with Seth was inspiring and unique. He always had a quirky method of teaching with several methods. Unlike most places where you are taught to memorise the solution, Seth made it his goal for us to learn how to understand and solve the problems."

Michelle Luu

"Seth always made sure we were well equipped with mathematical techniques. He always provided opportunities for us to reinforce, consolidate and adapt our approach to different problems at hand and was thoroughly receptive to individual needs. Maths was always challenging, but extremely fun and rewarding because of Seth."

Cary Guan

"Seth is a teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure that his students completely understand the content. He pulls resources from many sources often not available to others and uses it to enrich our understanding of the fundamentals."

Michael Nguyen

"Seth's teaching is fairly easy to understand in comparison to other teachers. Lessons are also very intriguing as he has many amazing stories which are relevant to the content being taught."

Sandy Ta

"Seth Pal has made a lasting impact on the way I study and learn new content. His focus on understanding the maths rather than rote learning, as well as teaching alternative methods allowed me to get ahead of other students, Extension 2 Mathematics. Seth Pal goes above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve the results they are capable of."

Carmen Loi

"Seth was an amazing teacher. He made the lessons fun and enjoyable and his teachings made difficult problems easier to understand."

Amy Guan

"My favourite part about Seth's teaching is how confident he makes you feel in maths. He is the sole reason I switched from doing 2U to 4U in the HSC and it really boosted my ATAR. No matter how busy he is, he will always take the time to help his students and will offer different solutions to the same problem to make it easier to understand."

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