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Is maths proving elusive to your child due to missing links in their understanding?

Discover a unique approach to uncover and mend those gaps.

The Missing Link?

You remember chains, right? In the world of maths, each concept is a
link in a long chain. Miss one, and the subsequent links become harder to grasp. But what if we told you there’s a way to ensure no link is ever overlooked? Enter Link Analysis.
Link Analysis is a revolutionary process developed by Inspiration Point. We’ve turned the traditional teaching methodology on its head to give your child the targeted help they need.

How it works

Ensure your child isn’t just memorizing maths, but genuinely understanding and enjoying it

Adaptive Monitoring

We closely track students’ answers, observing their strong points and the areas where they falter.

Identifying Missing Links

Our system formulates key indicators that highlight any missing concepts or gaps in understanding.

Tailored Teaching Plan

Based on our findings, our expert teachers craft a unique teaching plan tailored specifically for your child, addressing each missing link one at a time.

Course Outline

Module 1: Numbers & Algebra missing links

Duration: 1 month
Objective: Identify the missing maths links in the strand Numbers & Algebra
• Students solve selected questions each week.
• Questions are based on previously studied maths topics, aligned with curriculum outcomes and demonstrated strategies.
• Analyze students’ solutions to identify gaps.
• Design lesson plans to address the identified issues.

Module 2: Rebuilding the links

Duration: 1 month
Objective: Reinforce and perfect foundational mathematical knowledge.
• Teach the identified gaps from Module 1.
• Students practice drills to solidify their understanding. 

Module 3: Measurement & Geometry

Duration: 1 month
Objective: Identify the missing maths links in students’ intermediate knowledge
• Similar to Module 1, but questions target the intermediate concepts.

Module 4: Rebuilding the Links

Duration: 1 month
Objective: Reinforce and perfect Measurement & Geometry knowledge
• Teach the identified gaps from Module 1.
• Students practice drills to solidify their understanding.

Additional Information

• Each lesson is 1.5 hours long.
• There is 1 lesson per week over 16 weeks
Students are expected to dedicate an additional 2 hours per week for questionsolving.
Class Format: All classes are live, face-to-face online sessions.
Course Fee: $576.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the main goal of this course?

The course aims to identify and address the “missing links” in a student’s mathematical understanding, ensuring they don’t just memorise but genuinely understand maths.

2. How is this course different from traditional maths courses?

Our unique “Link Analysis” approach focuses on identifying gaps in understanding and tailoring lessons to address those specific gaps, rather than following a standard curriculum.

3. How much additional work is expected from students outside of lessons?

Students should allocate an additional 2 hours per week to complete the required questions.

4. Are there any prerequisites for this course?

The course is designed for students in Year 3 to 12, but no specific prior knowledge is required as the course itself will identify and address any gaps.

5. What if my child needs additional help beyond the course?

Our expert teachers are available for additional support and guidance as needed. Please reach out to discuss any specific concerns or requirements.

6. Is there a refund policy?

Please note that once the course has commenced, we do not offer refunds.

7. How are the "missing links" identified?

Through a combination of specially designed questions and analysis of student solutions, we pinpoint areas where a student might be struggling or lacking understanding.

8. What if my child completes the course but struggles in certain areas?

Our goal is to ensure every student succeeds. If there are still areas of difficulty after completing the course, we recommend discussing with our team for further guidance and potential additional lessons.

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