Get Unstuck in HSC Maths Workshop


Thinking is a fundamental skill, but many math courses teach methods followed by practice. To get unstuck in this year’s HSC maths questions, you need to know how to think. 

The Unstuck Workshop has three stages, Examination, Engineering and Evaluation.

The Examination Stage

We’ll examine the basics and select only the tools needed for the second stage. Tools are formulas, key ideas and concepts required to solve problems.

The Engineering Stage

The second stage is called Engineering. Here you will learn how to engineer solutions to HSC-style problems. You’ll learn how to analyse each question, what to do when you’re stuck, tips, and strategies to quickly help you unstuck on any question.

The Evaluation stage

Again, you evaluate your ideas, strategies, and alternative methods. In this stage, you’ll deepen your understanding of the concepts.

More About The Workshop



Delivery style

Delivered as a one-day activity-face-to-face online where we will explore and apply mathematical knowledge and skills in a combination of teaching, and problem-solving sessions. Practice problems are carefully chosen to help you learn how to think and you will receive immediate feedback.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  •  Critically evaluate your own and others’ solutions to improve the quality of responses in assessment tasks.
  •  Interpret the mathematical language of examination questions to engineer the steps for quality solutions.
  •  Identify the different strategies and techniques to solve examination questions.
  •  Manage time effectively during examinations.

Class Schedule

Advanced Maths
Monday the 26th of September 2022: 9am – 5pm

Extension I Maths
Tuesday the 27th of September 2022: 9am – 5pm

Extension II Maths
Wednesday the 28th of September 2022: 9am – 5pm

Standard 2 Maths
Thursday the 29thof September 2022: 9am – 5pm


Year 12 students or accelerated Year 11 students who have already completed the topics listed in the syllabus.


You will receive electronic copies of the following:

  • A course booklet including theory and worked examples.
  • Relevant past exam questions with sample answers.

Remember, if nothing changes, then nothing will change.

However, if you want a different experience, a different result in your life, you need to take a different action.

The Unstuck Workshop is your different action.

This is the right time to take this action, but you must act quickly. The HSC is around the corner, and Registration is closing soon.

So click the button below and join me. Get the maths mark you want and give yourself the best reason to celebrate the last 12 years of schooling.

Go ahead, click the button now, and I’ll see you on the inside.


Advanced Maths

The Advanced Mathematics HSC course consists of the following syllabus references:

  • MA-F2 Graphing Techniques
  • MA-F3 Trigonometric Functions and Graphs
  • MA-C2 Differential Calculus
  • MA-C3 The Second Derivative
  • MA-C4 Integral Calculus
  • MA-M1 Modelling Financial Situations
  • MA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data Analysis
  • MA-S3 Random Variables

Extension I Maths

The Mathematics Extension 1 HSC course consists of the following syllabus references:

  • ME-V1 (Preliminary course)
  • ME-P1 Proof of Mathematical Induction
  • ME-C2 Further Calculus Skills
  • ME-C3 Applications of Calculus
  • ME-S1 The Binomial Distribution
  • ME-T3 Trigonometric Equations

Extension II Maths

The Mathematics Extension 2 HSC course consists of the following syllabus references:

  • MEX-P1 The Nature of Proof
  • MEX-P2 Further Proof by Mathematical Induction
  • MEX-V1 Further Work with Vectors
  • MEX-N1 Introduction to Complex Numbers
  • MEX-N2 Using Complex Numbers
  • MEX-C1 Further Integration
  • MEX-M1 Applications of Calculus to Mechanics

Standard 2 Maths

  • MS-A4 Types of Relationships
  • MS-M6 Non-right-angled Trigonometry
  • MS-M7 Rates and Ratios
  • MS-F4 Investments and Loans
  • MS-F5 Annuities
  • MS-S4 Bivariate Data Analysis
  • MS-S5 The Normal Distribution
  • MS-N2 Network Concepts
  • MS-N3 Critical Path Analysis

Meet Your Coach

Seth Pal

Seth Pal has been teaching Mathematics since 1996 at both University and High School levels.

He has extensive experience in marking at HSC levels and in examination setting for the Stage 6 Mathematics, Extension I & II courses. Seth is currently the head of Mathematics at Inspiration Point where he specialises in preparing students at Stage 6 level.

“My favourite part about Seth’s teaching is how confident he makes you feel in maths. He is the sole reason I switched from doing 2U to 4U in the HSC and it really boosted my ATAR. No matter how busy he is, he will always take the time to help his students and will offer different solutions to the same problem to make it easier to understand.”

Amy Guan

Seth Pal is a Maths teacher of extraordinary ability who consistently achieved outstanding results with his students at Pal College. As a former colleague, I can testify that Seth is a Maths and teaching genius who can take students to very great heights in a short amount of time. Teachers like Seth come along once in a lifetime. Nobody does it better.

Dr Jeffrey Zerbst

Manager - Academic Learning & Support SCU, Sydney

The Workshop focus on understanding the maths rather than rote learning, as well as teaching alternative methods allowed me to get ahead of other students, therefore allowing me to get a 96 in Extension 1 Mathematics and 92 in Extension 2 Mathematics. Seth Pal goes above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve the results they are capable of.

Sandy Ta

Seth has taught me like no other. Tuition with him is more than just learning: it’s a whole experience. He has implemented more effective teaching methods than provided in school, allowing me to quickly absorb information. Not only does he provide meticulous individual support to ensure every student understands, but also boosted my confidence in maths which motivated me to achieve higher. Seth finds potential in every pupil and provides them with opportunities like nobody else can.

Nhi Tran

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