Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Enrolment Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

These terms and conditions are to be agreed by parents or guardians when they accept an offer of an enrolment for a student at Inspiration Point. These terms and conditions supplant any prior agreements you may have entered into with us for our services.

We understand, acknowledge and agree to the following:



1) Once we accept an offer of an enrolment at Inspiration Point, we are committed to one full term for every course in which a student is enrolled and the respective fees are immediately and fully payable.

2) We agree to pay Inspiration Point Pty Ltd as a one off enrolment fee which is non-refundable.

3) Unless we notify Inspiration Point by an appointment prior by the end of a current term to terminate the enrolment for the following term, Inspiration Point will not enrol the student for the following term. In such circumstances the student’s enrolment for the following term is automatically confirmed and the respective fees are immediately and fully payable on the next scheduled tax invoice date.

4) Inspiration Point may suspend or terminate the enrolment of the student whose fees are in arrears.

5) No refund, but a credit note upto only two lesson can either be in whole or in part, will be provided if the student is absent due to any reason such as illness, leave, enrolment suspension or termination.

6) If a lesson is postponed or changed by Inspiration Point due to an event (eg, teacher’s illness, natural disaster, power outage, outbreak of contagious disease, pandemic, epidemic, etc) the lesson will be rescheduled or postponed to a later date where possible, or alternatively online learning materials may be provided to substitute the affected lesson. No refund, but a credit note will be either in whole or in part, will be provided in this regard.

7) Interest on unpaid amounts due and payable to Inspiration Point may incur a late fee.



For the fees payable to Inspiration Point, we authorise Inspiration Point to:

1) Send the amount via mail or text message that is confirmed in our enrolment confirmation letter and/or tax invoice.

2) It is our responsibility that:

A. Our personal information supplied to Inspiration point is correct and up to date.

B) Fee payments are paid on time specified on the issued tax invoice(s). 

C) Payment of fees in cash payment, or cheques to Inspiration Point Ptd Ltd or electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card payment via Stripe for online courses only.

3) If we believe a payment has been incorrectly initiated, or there is a discrepancy in a payment amount, we must contact Inspiration Point immediately and notify the issue/s.



All Inspiration Point students are to support the ethos and to abide by the Inspiration Point Policies which form part of this agreement 

Prior to signing this agreement, we have been given a reasonable opportunity to view those policies.

Inspiration Point reserves the right to amend Inspiration Point Policies in its sole discretion from time to time having regard to changes in curriculum, the education sector, legal and regulatory amendments, and economic conditions.  We and our students agree to abide by Inspiration Point Policies as amended from time to time.

A) All students are required to behave in a respectful manner to other students and staff at all times.

B) Inspiration Point reserves the right to suspend or terminate any enrolment at their sole discretion.

C) Class changes can only be made once per term and are subject to class availability at the time of request.

D) The student’s personal property is not insured by Inspiration Point and it does not accept any responsibility for loss.

E) We will be liable for costs incurred by a student intentionally damaging Inspiration Point property.

F) From time to time, Inspiration Point may request that we provide the student’s school exam results, HSC results, ATAR results, photographs, quotes or other text in relation to their studies.  We agree to provide such information and documents as requested by Inspiration Point and grant Inspiration Point a perpetual and royalty-free licence to use such information and documents. This clause survives termination or other ending of this agreement.


Copyright and confidential information

We acknowledge and agree we may only use the Confidential Information disclosed to us in a manner that is related to the proper and lawful conduct and performance of obligations under this agreement.

1) We hereby jointly and severally permanently indemnify Inspiration Point against any and all Claims whatsoever, whether legal, equitable, under statute or otherwise, and all other liabilities of any nature (whether or not we, Inspiration Point or the student were or could have been aware of them) arising out of or relating to or in connection with any breach of copyright or confidentiality in the Inspiration Point Resources by us, our student(s) (as applicable) or their servants and agents.

2) Without limiting any remedy available to Inspiration Point under this agreement, we must pay to Inspiration Point on demand:

a) the amount of any Indemnified Loss suffered or incurred by Inspiration Point arising out of or in connection with a student or our breach of copyright or confidentiality; and

b) an amount equal to any additional Tax assessable on Inspiration Point  arising out of or in connection with the receipt by Inspiration Point of a payment under this clause.


Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information provided at the time of enrolment may be used by Inspiration Point for a variety of purposes including but not limited to:

a) Student administration

b) Student surveys

c) Promotional campaigns

d) The provision of a safe environment for Inspiration Point students and the personal information may be disclosed to a third party if:

i. Required by the law

ii. Authorised by the law

iii. The parents/carers have consented to disclosing of the personal information

iv. Deemed appropriate by Inspiration Point for the purposes of the student’s education, health, care, welfare or development.



The information provided to Inspiration Point at the time of enrolment is complete and correct to the best of our knowledge. We also understand that purposely giving false, misleading or incomplete information may lead to the refusal of acceptance, financial liability for damages or cancellation of enrolment.


In this agreement:

“Claims” includes any actions, suits, claim, notice, causes of action, demands, costs (including legal costs and expenses and any existing unsatisfied cost orders), expenses, debts dues, liabilities (including taxes, penalties and interest), damages, losses, proceedings, litigation, investigation or judgments, however they arise and whether they are present or future, fixed or unascertained, actual or continent.

Enrolment Terms and Condition (PARENT AND STUDENT AGREEMENT).

“Enrolment Terms and Conditions” means PARENT AND STUDENT AGREEMENT (this agreement).

“Indemnified Losses” means, in relation to any fact, matter or circumstance, all losses, costs, charges, damages, expenses and other liabilities arising out of or in connection with that fact, matter or circumstance including all legal and other professional expenses on a solicitor-client basis incurred in connection with investigating, disputing, defending or settling any claim, action, demand or proceeding relating to that fact, matter or circumstance (including any claim, action, demand or proceeding based on the terms of this agreement).

Inspiration Point means Inspiration Point Pty Ltd (ABN 58 610 695 988).

“Student” means the child or children enrolled at Inspiration Point.

“Tax” means all forms of taxes, duties, excise, surcharge, contribution, imposts, charges, withholdings, rates, levies or other governmental impositions whether direct or indirect, of whatever nature and by whatever authority imposed, assessed or charged together with all costs, charges, fees, interest, penalties, fines, expenses and other additional statutory charges, incidental or related to the imposition and Taxation has a corresponding meaning.

“Term” means the relevant quarter of a calendar year.

“T&C” means PARENT AND STUDENT AGREEMENT (this agreement).

“We” means the customer/s, being the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s), as applicable.


Student Code of Conduct

Inspiration Point is committed to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environments for our students.

Inspiration Point students are expected to:

Respect other students, their Teachers and all Staff and show courtesy in all interactions

Follow Inspiration Point and classroom rules and follow the directions of the Staff

Strive for the highest standards in learning

Comply with appropriate dress code and school uniform

Attend all their Inspiration Point lessons

Respect Inspiration Point premises and property

Not be violent or bring weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco onto Matrix premises

Not bully, harass, intimidate or discriminate against anyone at Inspiration Point 

Inspiration Point has a zero tolerance stance in response to behaviour that is detrimental to self or others or to the achievement of high quality teaching and learning.


Behaviour Code for Students


We implement teaching and learning approaches to support the development of skills needed by students to meet our high standards for respectful, safe and engaged behaviour.


Treat one another with dignity

Speak and behave courteously

Cooperate with others

Develop positive and respectful relationships and think about the effect on relationships before speaking and acting

Value the interests, ability and culture of others

Dress appropriately by complying with the school uniform or dress code

Take care with property

Health and Safety

Model and follow classroom codes of behaviour and conduct as set by Inspiration Point and your classroom Teacher’s expectations

Negotiate and resolve conflict with empathy

Take personal responsibility for behaviour and actions

Provide timely feedback on behaviours

Avoid dangerous behaviour and encourage others to avoid dangerous behaviour


Attend all lessons

Arrive for class on time

Be prepared for every lesson by completing your weekly homework

Actively participate in learning

Strive to reach high but realistic goals

Inspiration Point Staff, using their professional judgment, are best placed to maintain discipline and provide safe, supportive and responsive learning environments.