How To help your children unplug their video games and turn them to Maths Geniuses.

I’d love it if you could answer this question

Are you ready to take massive action so you can get your child to focus on learning instead of playing video games?

So, what’s your honest answer? 

Was it a big, resounding, “air-punching” hell yeah!

Or do you feel a little less enthusiastic? Maybe your answer is “yes”, but you’re feeling some doubt and uncertainty?

If that’s you, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

For most parents, the idea of disengaging their child or children from being addicted to video games quickly spiral into hopelessness and overwhelm.

Why do kids like video games?

Constant Wins

You don’t have to investigate the research on video games for long to realize that dopamine plays a crucial role in their appeal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that becomes active when individuals participate in something fun and win, like video games.

Kids want to continue to play to get this “hit” of dopamine when they win.

Challenge and Competition

The increasingly challenging obstacles combined with intermittent rewards that produce a “hit” of dopamine make for games that most adults can’t resist, not to mention kids.

Rewards System

The combination of the dopamine effect with the built-in reward system explains why video games are so addicting. Gamers are periodically rewarded (with points, tokens, prices, etc.), but the reward schedule is unpredictable and tends to increase in its challenge level.

These factors are just a few of the many factors that make games so addictive. The question that remains is…

Can we help kids unplug their video games and apply these “addictive” factors to get your children to love maths?

The answer is YES. We have created a framework that includes these factors to help kids in our tuition community in the last ten years to increase their like and grade for maths at school.

Our proven framework is easy to learn and apply to help your children spend less time playing video games and more time learning and doing mathematics.

Here’s a taste of how our framework works.

First, we break down the content the child has to learn into small chunks.

For each chunk of content to master, we first create a mission for the child. The Mission is the goal or the outcome we want the child to achieve.

The Mission needs to be clear and very specific and be something your child can easily imagine in their minds and say YES to.

When you give your child the GIFT of a clear mission, their focus shifts OFF their natural fears and doubts, ONTO a bigger vision and goal, something they can do right now. When things get tough, and they feel like stopping, you simply bring them back to the Mission.

When your child’s engagement with you starts with a win of some kind and then continues to add escalating wins, stacked on top of each other, your child will begin to feel like he or she can actually keep winning and gets hooked on you, and on changing their way to learning maths.

Once you’ve gotten to this point, you will have noticed your child is feeling great; he knows what his Mission is, he knows what it’s going to look like when he gets there, and he knows the exact path he is going to take. And he would have already started racking up wins, and he’ll get the constant dopamine “hit” that would directly increase his liking for doing maths.

If you’d like to learn the complete framework

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Meet the instructor

Seth is an accredited teacher qualified to teach Mathematics and Science in NSW.

Twenty-five years in the education industry, Seth has worked as a teacher, a headteacher, and a principal.

He has accumulated a wealth of teaching experience and understanding. He worked in the tuition industry for over twenty years and has impacted the lives of thousands of students.

Below are what people are saying about him…

My favourite part about Seth’s teaching is how confident he makes you feel in maths. He is the sole reason I switched from doing 2U to 4U in the HSC and it really boosted my ATAR. No matter how busy he is, he will always take the time to help his students and will offer different solutions to the same problem to make it easier to understand.

Amy Guan

Seth Pal has made a lasting impact on the way I study and learn new content. His focus on understanding the maths rather than rote learning, as well as teaching alternative methods allowed me to get ahead of other students, Extension 2 Mathematics. Seth Pal goes above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve the results they are capable of.

Sandy Ta

Seth was an amazing teacher. He made lessons fun and enjoyable and his teachings made difficult problems easier to understand.

Carmen Loi

Seth took on the impossible task and coached and counselled Carl with dedication and determination that was truly impressive. Carl’s grades improved significantly, and he went from very average scores to achieve a score that put him in Band 6 in Mathematics.

Kay Hiramanek

Carl’s Mum

As a former colleague, i can testify that Seth is a Maths and teaching genius who can take students to very great heights in a short amount of time. Teachers like Seth come along once in a lifetime. Nobody does it better.

Dr Jeffery Zerbst

Head of English

Learned a lot from this course. Clear and concise. The Instructor was very responsive and did an excellent job teaching the course course creation process as well as marketing geared towards course creators. The instructor also worked with me to solve my problems. It was a worth while investment.

Asif Mahmoud

Seth, you’ve been fantastic with your content here. You clearly know what you’re talking about, and your passion for sharing your understanding shines through. You made course marketing feel easy today. Your hat-tip to the marketing greats Abraham and Oglivy show how well you’ve studied and worked with this stuff. Helpful challenge walkthrough with Asif, too! Very useful clarifications.