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Course Overview

Year 7 students will be starting stage 4 maths with new math concepts, mathematical terminology, algebraic notation, diagrams, text and tables to communicate mathematical ideas, and link concepts and processes within and between mathematical contexts. Students will  apply their mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding in analysing real-life situations and in systematically exploring and solving problems using technology where appropriate. Hence students will start to develop fluency with a range of mental strategies, constructing and interpreting data, calculating variety measurements and using algebraic techniques to solve familiar problems. In solving particular problems, they compare the strengths and weaknesses of different strategies and solutions.

Directed Numbers Fractions Decimals and Percentages

Algebraic techniques Financial mathematics Ratio and rates

Equations Geometry Properties of Geometrical Figures

Measurement Linear relationship Data collection and representation

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3
  • Term 4
Week Topics
Week 1 Directed Numbers 1
Week 2 Directed Numbers 2
Week 3 Fractions 1
Week 4 Fractions 2
Week 5 Decimal and Percentages 1
Week 6 Percentages: Profit and Loss
Week 7 Percentages: GST
Week 8 Percentages: Unitary method
Week 9 Revision
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Algebraic Techniques 1
Week 2 Algebraic Techniques 2
Week 3 Algebraic Techniques 3
Week 4 Financial Mathematics 1
Week 5 Financial Mathematics 2
Week 6 Ratio and rates 1
Week 7 Ratio and rates 2
Week 8 Ratio and rates 3
Week 9 Revision
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Algebraic Techniques 1
Week 2 Algebraic Techniques 2
Week 3 Algebraic Techniques 3
Week 4 Geometry 1
Week 5 Geometry 2
Week 6 Geometrical Figures 1
Week 7 Geometrical Figures 2
Week 8 Geometrical Figures 3
Week 9 Circles
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Measurement: Length and Area
Week 2 Measurement: Volume
Week 3 Measurement: Composite Shapes
Week 4 Measurement: Pythagoras Theorem
Week 5 Linear Relationship 1
Week 6 Linear Relationship 2
Week 7 Data Collection and representation 1
Week 8 Data Collection and representation 2
Week 9 Data Collection and representation 3
Week 10 Topics Assessment

Course Overview

Year 7 students will begin to explore a variety of texts to respond to a variety of texts critically, imaginatively and interpretively and compose accurate, clear and coherent texts. Student will engage in personal, social and learning contexts with increasing control and understanding of the form and features of language and structures of texts, and with increasing awareness of purpose, audience and context. Students will learn to make connections between texts, they recognise the main ideas and points of view, and the ways in which texts seek to position responders. Also they make decisions about whether content and language are appropriate to purpose, audience and context. In speaking, writing and representing, students will shape meaning through the thoughtful selection and ordering of appropriate content and by drawing on a widening repertoire of language choices. They will constructively analyse and evaluate their own and others’ compositions and they articulate their response to texts and to the process and experience of composing.

Introduction to Reading Texts Fantasy Fables Comic

Introduction to analysing texts Poetry Podcast/website film

Persuasion Advertisement Speeches Debates

Writing Skills Essay 101 Narrative 101

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3
  • Term 4
Week Topics
Week 1 Reading for meaning
Week 2 Understanding Graphics and Comics
Week 3 Storyboards
Week 4 Introduction to Fantasy
Week 5 Fantastical characters and descriptions
Week 6 Fables 1
Week 7 Fables 2
Week 8 Fables 3
Week 9 Writing a Fable
Week 10 Writing Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction Poetry
Week 2 Poetry techniques
Week 3 Poetry Tone and imagery
Week 4 Film Study 1
Week 5 Film Study 2
Week 6 Film Study 3
Week 7 Podcast 1
Week 8 Podcast 2
Week 9 Podcast 3
Week 10 Reading and Writing Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to Persuasion
Week 2 Persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos
Week 3 Advertisements: Media
Week 4 Advertisements: Commercials
Week 5 Speeches: Great speeches of all time
Week 6 Speeches: Purpose and Voice
Week 7 Debate 1
Week 8 Debate 2
Week 9 Opinion Writing
Week 10 Reading and Writing Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to Essay Writing 101
Week 2 Essay techniques
Week 3 Crafting your thesis
Week 4 Paragraphing
Week 5 Language and vocabulary
Week 6 Planning and Drafting
Week 7 Narrative elements: Characterization
Week 8 Narrative writing techniques
Week 9 Drafting, drafting, drafting
Week 10 Writing Assessment

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