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Course Overview

Students in Year 9 will develop understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication, and reasoning.

They study Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Within these strands they will cover a range of topic areas including: financial mathematics, algebraic techniques, equations, linear and non-linear relationships, surface area and volume, properties of geometrical figures, trigonometry, data collection and representation, data analysis, and probability.


Algebraic Techniques Equations Inequalities

Indices and Surds Measurement Financial Mathematics

Properties of Geometrical Figures Factorisation of Quadratic expressions

Linear relationship Trigonometry Simultaneous equations

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3
  • Term 4
Week Topics
Week 1 Algebraic Techniques 1
Week 2 Algebraic Techniques 2
Week 3 Algebraic Techniques 3
Week 4 Topic assessment
Week 5 Equations 1
Week 6 Equations 2
Week 7 Equations 3
Week 8 Inequalities 1
Week 9 Inequalities 2
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Indices 1
Week 2 Indices 2
Week 3 Scientific notation and Significant figures
Week 4 Surds 1
Week 5 Surds 2
Week 6 Surds 3
Week 7 Measurement 1
Week 8 Measurement 2
Week 9 Financial Mathematics
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions 1
Week 2 Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions 2
Week 3 Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions 3
Week 4 Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions 4
Week 5 Topic Assessment
Week 6 Properties of Geometrical figures 1
Week 7 Properties of Geometrical figures 2
Week 8 Properties of Geometrical figures 3
Week 9 Properties of Geometrical figures 4
Week 10 Topics Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Trigonometry 1
Week 2 Trigonometry 2
Week 3 Trigonometry 3
Week 4 Topic assessment
Week 5 Linear Relationship 1
Week 6 Linear Relationship 2
Week 7 Linear Relationship 3
Week 8 Simultaneous equations 1
Week 9 Simultaneous equations 2
Week 10 Topics Assessment

Course Overview

Year 9 Students will be learning how to respond to and compose a comprehensive range of imaginative, factual and critical texts using different modes and technologies. They enjoy, reflect on, critically assess and articulate processes of response and composition.

They respond to and compose a wide range of simple and complex texts for pleasure, critical analysis and information-gathering, varying their approach according to a text’s purpose, audience and context. They focus on details of texts to analyse meaning, perspective, cultural assumptions, ideologies and language.

Poetry Modern Poetry Australian Poetry Ezra Pound E.E Cummings

Critical Film Studies Study of film techniques Film Analysis

Narrative Reading and Writing Skills Characterisation Plot Setting

Polynomials Logarithms 

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3
  • Term 4
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to Poetry
Week 2 Poetry Techniques 1
Week 3 Poetry Techniques 2
Week 4 Annotating Poems and Analysis
Week 5 Australian Poetry and Modern Poetry
Week 6 Writing responses and how to address the questions
Week 7 Introductions to Imagism
Week 8 Imagism 1 and analysis
Week 9 Essay drafting
Week 10 Essay Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to Film
Week 2 Cinematography and film techniques
Week 3 Sounds and Lighting
Week 4 Personal Review
Week 5 Film Analysis 1
Week 6 Film Analysis 2
Week 7 Film Analysis 3
Week 8 Unpacking the question 1
Week 9 Writing an essay on film
Week 10 Writing Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Reading a novel and how to keep track
Week 2 Conventions of Prose Novel
Week 3 Exploring Plot
Week 4 Exploring setting
Week 5 Exploring characterisation
Week 6 Exploring Point of views
Week 7 Exploring themes
Week 8 Further themes
Week 9 Writing essay structure and paragraphs
Week 10 Essay Assessment
Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to Macbeth
Week 2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
Week 3 Nature of Ambition
Week 4 Murder in Macbeth
Week 5 Macbeth Tyranny
Week 6 Motif of Sleep
Week 7 Macbeth Reimagined
Week 8 Essay and paragraph
Week 9 Unpacking the question and Essay assessment
Week 10 Revision and Topic Assessment

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