We prioritised your child success in Maths by getting them to:


Re-learn the fundamental basics needed for a deeper understanding of maths.


Learn the maths taught at school by exploring it more thoroughly and more deeply.


Learn how to think by doing more unseen and difficult problems.


Learn how to better prepare for maths exams.


Learn how to build confidence through goal setting.


Learn how to focus and develop the discipline needed to succeed in maths using our, backed by science, Focus and Discipline Development Technique.

Yes! My Child is Ready To Get Ahead in Maths.

Real People, Real Results.

Seth Pal is a Maths teacher of extraordinary ability who consistently achieved outstanding results with his students at Pal College. As a former colleague, I can testify that Seth is a Maths and teaching genius who can take students to very great heights in a short amount of time. Teachers like Seth come along once in a lifetime. Nobody does it better.

Dr Jeffrey Zerbst

Manager - Academic Learning & Support SCU, Sydney

Even though he had a very short time frame to work in, Seth took on the impossible task and coached and counselled Carl with dedication and determination that was truly impressive. For that alone and for the constant support he provided to me as a concerned parent, I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Carl’s grades improved significantly and he went from very average scores to achieving a score that put him in Band 6 in Mathematics.

Kay Hiramanek- Parent

Seth has taught me like no other. Tuition with him is more than just learning: it’s a whole experience. He has implemented more effective teaching methods than provided in school, allowing me to quickly absorb information. Not only does he provide meticulous individual support to ensure every student understands, but also boosted my confidence in maths which motivated me to achieve higher. Seth finds potential in every pupil and provides them with opportunities like nobody else can.

Nhi Tran

“Seth Pal has made a lasting impact on the way I study and learn new content. His focus on understanding the maths rather than rote learning, as well as teaching alternative methods allowed me to get ahead of other students, therefore allowing me to get a 96 in Extension 1 Mathematics and 92 in Extension 2 Mathematics. Seth Pal goes above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve the results they are capable of.”

Sandy Ta

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Yes! My Child is Ready To Get Ahead in Maths.