How to teach your child Critical Thinking Skills for the 2022 Selective Exam

Join me in this 2-day live training designed to help your child succeed in the 2022 Selective School Exam. It’s 100% free

What you will learn

Day 1
Thinking skills roadmap
Thursday 18th November 2021
6:30pm – 7:30pm AEST
  • Understanding the exam structure and the concepts tested
  • The strategies and tactics for success
Day 2
Step-by-step problem-solving techniques
Sunday 21st November 2021
12pm – 1pm AEST
  • Demonstrate skills in creative thinking by identifying and refining a problem and approaching problem-solving from different angles with a fresh perspective
  • Understanding heuristics, mental shortcuts, emotions and cognitive biases that influence our thinking

How this challenge will benefit your child

Step-by-step system for you to teach your child how to think critically and solve thinking skills problems

Learn how to solve thinking skills problem under exam conditions

Learn the importance of how critical thinking will impact your child’s future

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