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Enrolment Policy

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1) Student must be enrolled in a Primary or Secondary school in NSW that is recognised by NESA at the time of their enrolment.

2) We do not accept enrolment from students who:

a) Have completed their secondary studies (either in Australia or overseas) and are looking for a bridging course or alternative entry into tertiary studies

b) University students – These students would be referred to institutions like TAFE.

Enrolment process

1) Parents and students are welcome to make an appointment via online or phone to meet with tutors at Inspiration Point before enrolment and to discuss academic plans and ask any further questions.

2) To enrol at Inspiration Point and secure a placement in a class, the student and carer must complete the enrolment with one of our staff  over the phone or in person onsite or alternatively online via www.inspirationpoint.com.au. Incomplete applications will not be processed and the student will not be enrolled in a class at Inspiration Point

3) Students who are enrolling at Inspiration Point will need to pay for the subject course(s) term fees before attending class. Payments for the amount must be made in full and can be paid in cash onsite, written cheques to Inspiration Point, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card online. 


Time of enrolment

Eligible students are welcome to enrol in a class with vacancies in the first three lessons of each term.