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Free Trial Lesson(s) Policy

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This promotion is only available for new students who have never previously enrolled at Inspiration Point. If you are a current Inspiration Point student or previously enrolled (or attended) any lesson at Inspiration Point, you are NOT eligible for this promotion. However, you may still be eligible for other promotions such as “First Two Lesson Money Back Guarantee” for other first subjects.

Enrolled at school

Under this promotion, you should only apply for a course that you are already enrolled at your attending school.  


An application is only deemed as valid if all the required information on the form (eg, full name of student and parent, email address, mobile number, etc) is provided and the form is submitted onsite or online via our website.  Once an application is received by Inspiration Point it will be assessed against the eligibility criteria. Once your application is deemed as successful, you will be placed in our ‘Free Trial Lessons’ and we will contact you to confirm this. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours before we respond to your application or enquiry. Please also note that Inspiration Point reserves its right to decline any applications under their discretion.

Timeline & Availability

Free trial lessons are only offered between week 1 and 3 of regular terms and are subject to its class/placement availability at the time. This is not applicable for Holiday workshops or lessons.  Once you have been allocated to the free trial lessons, you will be contacted by our staff and we will discuss your options further or discontinue the course.


Once you have been offered the free trial lessons and you accepted the offer, you must attend the lesson as scheduled. If you cannot attend the scheduled lesson anymore, please contact our office on 0414 806 366 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class commencement time. 

For no show (or cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice) your application will be lapsed. 

Cancellation by Inspiration Point 

Inspiration point reserves its right to cancel any scheduled free trial lessons at their sole discretion. If your scheduled free trial lesson has been cancelled by Inspiration Point, we will endeavour to find an alternative option for you.


Free trial lessons placements are non-transferable between classes or students.